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Caravans & Boats WA are proud stockists of the globally renowned Sea Ray boats

Sea Ray is the world’s largest boat manufacturer of superior quality yachts, sport boats, bowriders, cabin cruisers, deck boats and more!

Contact our friendly team and we will build your dream boat, custom made to suit your lifestyle. Check out our extensive range below.

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Sun sport series

Tailored to the European and International markets, the Sea Ray Sun Sport is the boat of choice, because only Sea Ray delivers a runabout with superior craftsmanship and a well-appointed cabin designed to duck out of surf and sun or escape for an overnight getaway.

Sun sport 230

Sun sport 230 Outboard

Sun sport 250

sundancer series

Comfort is the key to fully enjoying a long weekend, an extra night, that last hour on the water. The Sea Ray® line of Sundancers provides an idyllic boating experience.

Sundancer 265

Sundancer 320

Sundancer 320 Outboard

Sundancer 350

Sundancer 350 Coupe

Sundancer 370 Outboard

SLX series

When you’re spending time on the water, every moment should feel like a reward. That’s why the Sea Ray® SLX® family of luxury boats insists on extraordinary.

SLX 230

SLX 250

SLX 280

SLX 310

SLX 310 Outboard

SLX 350

SLX 350 Outboard

SLX 400

SLX 400 Outboard

SDX series

As our calendars get busier, we get more particular about how we spend our free time. And with whom we spend it. The Sea Ray® SDX® is the floating epitome of time well spent.

SDX 250

SDX 250 Outboard

SDX 270

SDX 270 Outboard

SDX 290

SDX 290 Outboard

SPX series

A day on board a Sea Ray® SPX® is one thrill after another. Our family of sport boats is designed for your family’s excitement, with every detail delivering the ultimate in style, performance and fun.

SPX 190

SPX 190 Outboard

SPX 210

SPX 210 Outboard

SPX 230

SPX 230 Outboard

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