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June 17th, 2022


16TH JUNE 2022

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Owners of caravans fitted with Swift 500 Series gas cookers are being told not to use them due to safety concerns.

Owners are being advised they can use the electric element, but to shut off the gas at the valve until further notice. The issue relates to Swift 500 Series cookers sold and supplied since 2004 and relates to a nut in the gas supply pipe that may have been overtightened, leading to a possible leakage. This could result in a gas leak and possible fire or explosion that may cause injury or death to the user.

“Building and Energy became aware of this issue following two incidents involving Swift Caravan Cookers, in which the appliances exploded, resulting in serious injury to users.”

Building and Energy recently notified the company that it was prohibited from selling or hiring the 500 Series in Western Australia. Swift has since told caravanners that Swift 500 Series models regardless of age, including cooktops, grilles and ovens are not allowed to be used Australia-wide until further notice. However, it said it’s safe to use the electric element in Swift 500 series ovens. The Swift Appliance Group is liaising with regulatory bodies including the ACCC, Western Australia’s DMIRS and Resources Safety and Health Queensland about the safety issue. “We hope this is a temporary situation,  We are waiting on a reply from the ACCC and WA authorities as to what steps are to be taken next,” the company said on its website.


Building and Energy Division

16th June 2022

Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety

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