Finance & Insurance

We partner with Loans Unlimited and CIL Insurance to provide you with the best financing and insurance solutions for your caravanning adventures.


Financing Provided by Loans Unlimited


Loans Unlimited assists in finding and pairing you with suitable lenders and loan providers, making the process easy. They offer exceptional value on a wide range of low-rate car loans and other financing options, leveraging their strong relationships with lenders.

Their services help simplify the complexities of interest rates, borrowing, banking, and various types of loans. Whether you’re seeking finance for a car, commercial ventures, personal needs, leisure activities, boats, caravans, jet skis, or motorbikes, Loans Unlimited aims to provide the best value loans.


Insurance Provided by CIL

When You’re on the Road, We’ve Got You Covered

CIL Insurance is recognized as Australia’s leading RV and caravan insurance provider. They offer comprehensive coverage that helps mitigate unexpected issues during your travels, allowing you to enjoy the great Aussie landscape without worries.

Types of Insurance Offered:

  • Caravan Insurance: Protection for your caravan against a range of risks.
  • Motorhome Insurance: Comprehensive coverage for your motorhome.

For more information about CIL Insurance, visit their website.